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Toastyfresh unveils new self serve hot food to go offering

Toastyfresh unveils new self serve hot food to go offering – a complete self serve solution for convenience stores to safely allow customers to serve themselves a properly grilled, consistent, high quality “hot food to go” product.


The new Toastyfresh AutoServe can be easily operated by staff or customers with minimum food handling. Using the Toastyfresh AutoServe and it’s range of popular “Grill in Bag” food items,  customers can easily serve themselves delicious Toasties, Paninis, Hot Sausage Rolls and Pasties within minutes.


Toastyfresh “Grill in Bag” food products are supplied nationwide across the UK, in combination with a choice of five Toastyfresh Self Serve kiosks to suit every situation.  This allows convenience stores everywhere to offer their customers a popular selection of “Hot Food to Go” that tastes much better than microwaved alternatives.


All options for Toastyfresh Self Serve are less than one metre wide – taking up less space and fitting easily into any location.


Matt Holman Sales Director of Toastyfresh comments:

“Toastyfresh helps convenience stores increase their profits and capitalise on additional spend from existing customers.  Our genuinely grilled “Freshly Toasted for You” hot Toastyfresh food products means your customers can enjoy delicious hot food on the move, every time.”


He Adds:


“Ideally the Toastyfresh self-serve would be placed next to self-serve coffee machines to increase store revenue and food sales.  Within the time it takes for the customer to purchase their Self Serve Coffee our Toastyfresh AutoServe has produced a high quality, grilled food product to be eaten right away.”


The Toastyfresh Self Serve 24/7 option is always there to provide you with deliciously tasty, healthier, hot food to go whether that’s breakfast, lunch, dinner or even for night shift staff who wish to serve themselves a well earned filling snack.

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Saturday November 19, 2022

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