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Toastyfresh Gives Caterers Secure Takeaway Operations for Covid-19

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Toastyfresh Gives Caterers Secure Takeaway Operations for Covid-19

Leading frozen Panini and Pizza supplier, Toastyfresh, unveils a unique range of delicious individually wrapped products. Designed to be heated and served in the bag for contact-free catering, in conjunction with contactless ordering they will help caterers stay ahead of Covid-19 requirements.

As the nation’s hospitality and catering industries prepare for socially-distanced reopening, products that reduce contact and interaction will ensure the transition out of lockdown succeeds. Delivered frozen, wrapped and ‘grill in the bag’, the Toastyfresh range of frozen Panini and Pizza products eliminate all contact with the food. From delivery, through to grilling and service, to the point where the customer unwraps the product themselves.

Toastyfresh Sales Director, Matt Holman, explains: “We recognise the challenges brought by Covid-19 and are offering caterers a new range of fully-wrapped products for ‘no contact’ operation”.

Matt added: “Made from high-quality ingredients, our products are ideal for fast takeaway service, meeting the requirement for no contact and no cross-contamination operation. This reduces queuing at service points and removes any customer handling of cutlery or unwrapped food products”.

Supplied nationwide in conjunction with Delice de France, the UK’s premier frozen bakery specialist, the Toastyfresh range of frozen Paninis can come in small quantities to reduce cost for the catering outlet, and can be easily ordered online, or by mobile phone.

Toastyfresh also offers a range of easy-heat Mini Pizzas and will soon unveil a unique range of delicious breakfast products to replace traditional buffet breakfast service. Toastyfresh products can be heated using a variety of equipment, and the Toastyfresh Autogrill is the simplest to operate with the smallest footprint. Pizzas only require a standard microwave.

Organisations wanting to order and to receive additional information should visit https://www.toastyfresh.co.uk.


Download a press pack, including images and logo here: https://www.toastyfresh.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/Toastyfresh_Press_Pack.zip

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Saturday June 20, 2020

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