Toastyfresh Autogrills reduce energy consumption and your Carbon Footprint. For instance, replacing a traditional Contact Grill can save over £500 a year in electricity cost. 


Especially Toastyfresh Autogrills can operate with solar power.  Achieving Zero Carbon… this is a first in the Catering Industry.

Environmentally Aware Organisations can take the opportunity to reduce their Carbon Footprint and make an impact on the Environment… whilst still producing a high quality food product.

Above all, Toastyfresh offers End of Life Recycling.  Toastyfresh Autogrills are designed to be recycled at end of life.  Return your Autogrill to us and we will recycle free of charge.  See more details here www.toastyfresh.co.uk/toastyfresh-equipment/

Want to discuss our Solar Power….. email now to info@toastyfresh.co.uk