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Substantial Meals from Toastyfresh

With further restrictions being imposed across the UK.  Toastyfresh is helping out more outlets who want to remain open and easily produce substantial takeaway meals.


Our Toastyfresh Paninis and Pizzas can be cooked from frozen. Served in the packaging to avoid food handling and improve hygiene.  Operating from frozen allows you to reduce food waste to the absolute minimum.  Allowing outlets to cater for peaks and troughs in their demand.


Toastyfresh food products can be cooked in a variety of catering equipment.  For a better tasting and higher quality toasted product we always recommend our Induction Autogrills, cheaper to run, more affordable, high speed grill giving you convenient faster foodservice.  Typical Payback on investment is 6 to 8 weeks for most outlets.


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Tuesday January 5, 2021

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