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Want to “Grill from Frozen” and eliminate food waste?

Catering customers have been asking for a complete system to “Grill from Frozen” for a long time.  Toastyfresh has broken the ice and launched the FIRST complete profitable solution to “Grill from Frozen” to help eliminate food waste across the catering industry.


An affordable, complete system for specifically grilling Toastyfresh food products from frozen to help outlets eliminate food waste is available to invest in NOW.


You maybe wondering … What’s in it for me?

The new system means you can meet the peaks and troughs in demand without costly food waste and still provide high quality grilled food products to your customers.


There are fewer frozen deliveries and less fuel consumption involved, so you are actively helping us to make positive impacts on the environment by reducing carbon emissions.


Additionally, Toastyfresh “Grill from Frozen” helps you make more money by providing a selected range of food products you can sell from frozen.  We offer a complete package to increase your sales so you can achieve a fast return on investment (typically within 9 to 12 weeks).


In working together, Toastyfresh aims to achieve zero chilled food waste, reducing carbon emissions and enhancing caterers’ operations with higher quality equipment.


Get in touch now by connecting with Matt Holman, Sales Director on LinkedIn or email your details to info@toastyfresh.co.uk and mention “Grill from Frozen” for the latest brochure and package investment details.

Wednesday December 28, 2022

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