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Green Energy Lifeline from Toastyfresh

Award winning British brand Toastyfresh is offering operators a green energy lifeline, with savings of up to £2,000 when replacing their traditional contact grill with the Toastyfresh Autogrill.

Incorporating the latest commercial induction heating technology the Toastyfresh Autogrill is an energy efficient and cost-effective alternative to traditional contact grills.

Matt Holman, Sales Director of Toastyfresh says;

“We are proud to sell a British design innovation manufactured in the UK.  Its energy efficiency is exceptional.  Energy consumption is so low that it can even be used with solar or battery power – a truly green solution available at half the price of high speed ovens.”

Tried and tested by established leading brands, Crussh, LIDL, University of Lincoln and Squires Garden Centres, the Toastyfresh Autogrill is pre-programmed to grill automatically for the required time and only uses energy whilst in operation, giving staff the flexibility to serve more customers.

Slimline by design, with an exterior which remains cool to touch is safer for staff to use.  Operators can simply adjust the Autogrill settings to grill their own products.

Alternatively, there is a “Grill in Bag” setting for Toastyfresh’s own range of frozen pre-filled hot food to go which includes Vegetarian, Vegan and Halal options, all of which are ready to serve within minutes.

Toastyfresh Autogrill is now available for purchase or can be leased (subject to status) for less than £25 per week which gives customers an immediate saving.

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Sunday August 6, 2023

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