Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find out what allergens are in your products?

Allergens are clearly stated on every Toastyfresh product.  Please check the individual labels.  Some of our allergens are listed below:

  • Gluten
  • Milk
  • Soybeans
  • Fish


What is your minimum order?

There is NO minimum order value.  FREE HOME DELIVERY ON ORDERS OVER £70

You can order a selection of Gourmet Paninis and Delicious Treat boxes in our Toastyfresh shop.


How do your deliveries work?

Toastyfresh operate under a strict delivery policy.  With a Nationwide fleet of freezer delivery vans.  Deliveries will be efficiently managed between Monday to Friday. 

Delivery notifications will be sent out to you via email when your Toastyfresh order(s) have been dispatched.


How do I cook your products?

Toastyfresh food products can be cooked in a variety of equipment including ovens, microwaves, panini presses and our Style Autogrill.  Please see the cooking instructions on our retail labels for further instructions.


Where is your food made?

Toastyfresh is an innovative UK company with all our food products being manufactured and handmade in the UK.


Is your product packaging fully recyclable?

Yes all our packaging is environmentally friendly and fully recyclable.


Do you have POS items?

We provide POS items to our Professional Caterer customers’ only, including A3 Waterproof Posters, Menus and A boards etc.