Toasty Products are experts in high speed grills and providing outlets with innovative catering solutions.

Toasty Products offers innovative catering solutions, eliminating the costly learning curve often associated with new products or systems.

Our customers’ achieve higher food sales, reduced operating expenses and increased staff efficiency by using our Fast Induction Panini Grills and optional Toastyfresh food products.

For smaller independent business owners or start ups this means breaking out of the status quo and immediately creating additional profit for your business. We have helped several businesses achieve significant success and growth, so we are always keen to work with them.

For larger customers we can offer profitable new options and significant labour savings, both in terms of advanced equipment and sophisticated food products. These maintain or improve your customer food product experience whilst reducing skill levels and improving profitability and operational efficiency.

Toasty Products has evolved from over 35 years in Event Catering and its highly demanding marketplace.  All our robust catering equipment is designed for this, in terms of reliability, speed of service, ease of use and durability at high levels of demand.