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  • What Our Customers Say …

    What Our Customers Say …

  • Frozen Ready Made Paninis

    Frozen Ready Made Paninis

  • Range of Delicious Fillings

    Range of Delicious Fillings

  • Toastyfresh Order Form

    Toastyfresh Order Form

  • Slimline Style Panini Grill

    Slimline Style Panini Grill

  • Fast Panini Grills

    Fast Panini Grills

Toastyfresh® – Freshly Toasted For You

UK suppliers of frozen pre-filled food products

Toastyfresh is the latest innovative brand of Panini suppliers, making ready-made paninis and toasted products available to all outlets across the UK.  Competitively priced, we have a comprehensive range of delicious fillings to excite your taste buds.  All our food products can be cooked in a variety of high speed grills see our website


Our Toastyfresh food products eliminate food preparation, reduce food waste and overcome many hygiene issues.


We can help you achieve consistent high quality toasted products by using the Style Mini Grill – our induction powered High Speed Panini Grill.  The compact Style Mini Grill is a must have for any catering outlet wanting greater profits from smaller spaces with higher throughput.


Our Toastyfresh system brings the latest innovations in catering to allow you to maximise profits, reduce operational costs and skill levels whilst reducing food waste and giving consistent Toastyfresh quality.

  • Frozen Ready Made Paninis

  • High Speed Panini Grills

  • Toastyfresh Order Form

  • Toastyfresh POS Items